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We are talking about prices actually paid or quoted, NOT somebody's catalog prices. While there are plenty of “transactional polling sites” cropping up on the internet – most, if not all of them, survey or simply scrape prices from websites. Price Dynamics is different. Our Mission is to help our customers anonymously contribute to and learn from a community of other metals buyers who share a common interest in what the real market prices are for metals.

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How It Works


    Step 1

    Enter or upload metal prices you have been quoted or are currently paying.

    Step 2

    See how your price stacks up to the price being paid by other buyers.

    Step 3

    Identify alternative sources of supply and make informed sourcing decisions.

Safe, Secure & Completely Anonymous

    Price Dynamics (PDX for short) is a secure and anonymous gathering place where hundreds of metals buyers from dozens of industries can privately compare metals prices and evaluate all known sources of supply.
    All data entered or uploaded, is secure, and known only to you, Price Dynamics, and absolutely no-one else.

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